The whole RP family tree

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The whole RP family tree

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Redpoint.gif Method not commercially available anymore or research is ended
Yellowpoint.gif Method under research
Greenpoint.gif Commercial method
Equipment manufacture.gif Equipment manufacture


Photocurable Liquids

Curing by light through masks

Curing with a visible light laser

  • Redpoint.gif Mark 1000 by Quadrax Laser Technologies Inc. (company merged to 3D Systems 1992) Usa.gif

Curing with an UV-laser (single beam)[1]

Curing with two laser beams simultaneously

  • Holographic Interference Solidification by Quadtec
  • Beam Interference Solidification by Batelle Development Corporation
  • Photochemical Machining by Formigraphics Inc.

Curing by visible light with a dvd-device

  • Direct Photo Shaping (DPS) by SRI International (1998-2001) Dead link, look at Internet archive

Hybrid, combining inkjet-technique and curing with an UV-lamp

  • Objet 3D-printer by Objet Geometries Ltd.

Electrical conducting Liquid (Electrolyte)



Melting of powder

Sintering with a heat transferring laser

  • Redpoint.gif Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) by DTM Corporation (was sold to/eat by 3D System at 2001), dead link, web site content lost: Internet archive can't show history Usa.gif
  • Greenpoint.gif SLS (Solid Imaging Solutions) by 3D SystemsUsa.gif
  • Greenpoint.gif Direct Plastic/Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) by EOS Germany.gif
  • Yellowpoint.gif Selective Laser Sintering of Ceramics by Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen Germany.gif
  • Yellowpoint.gif Selective Laser Reaction Sintering (SLRS) by University of Texas Usa.gif
  • Yellowpoint.gif Direct Metal Fabrication (DMF) by Rockwell Scientific Usa.gif
  • Yellowpoint.gif Compacted-powder SLS by The University of Manchester Gb.gif

Melting with a heat transferring laser

  • Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) by Optomec/Sandia National Laboratories (nowadays method is called DMDS - Direct Material Deposition System) Usa.gif
  • Lasform by AeroMet Usa.gif
  • Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) by Precision Optical Manufacturing/The University of Michigan Usa.gif
  • Direct Light Fabrication (DLF) by Los Alamos National Laboratory Usa.gif
  • Controlled Metal Buildup (CMB) by Fraunhofer IPT Germany.gif
  • Direct Light Fabrication by University of Birmingham's School of Metallurgy and MaterialsGb.gif
  • Laser Aided Direct Rapid Prototyping (LADRP) by University of Central FloridaUsa.gif
  • Laser-aided Powder Solidification / Powder Jet (LAPS-J) by Institute fЭr Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW), The University of Stuttgart Germany.gif
  • Greenpoint.gif Equipment manufacture.gif Selective-laser-melting by Fockele & Schwarze Germany.gif

Solid materials


Gas, atoms and other odd stuff



  1. These methods are more or less same as stereolithography
  2. SLA refers to an apparatus, but an acronym SLA is more familiar to masses than SL.

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